Oksana Tashakova Founder of Academia of human potential. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

The Academy of Human Potential was founded by Oksana Tashakova, to provide revolutionary corporate training and human resource development to help organizations transition into and be more successful in today’s global economy.


The Problem Businesses Are Experiencing Today…

Globalization in business demands complex and constant communication across diverse fields and across boundaries, across cultures and within the organization itself.

The complexity of our interconnected and international environments means that leaders need input and suggestions from everyone– not just a select team of decision-makers. Companies must be fluid and able to tolerate ambiguity and constant change. Employees must act autonomously and must find their work satisfying and worthwhile.

Within this framework then, and in the new global economy of today, businesses are experience a significant decrease in employee loyalty, performance and productivity, which is drastically affecting the bottom line of businesses around the world.


The Impact…

This disengagement is having a devastating effect on corporate performance and profitability. In today’s new global economy companies cannot afford to allow for loss of profits as it can lead to the company’s demise faster than we have ever experienced before in the past. In the new global economy, there is no room for error… only the opportunity to change and transform in order to survive and excel.


The Solution…

To help companies transition into the new global economy and strengthen their core foundation– the employees, Academia of Human Potential has quickly risen to the top of corporate training programs to be the leader in charge in helping corporations to not only remain solvent but to become even more profitable.

At Academia of Human Potential, our mission is to be at the forefront of the new global economy by helping companies to revive corporate teams and their leaders through personal transformation and self discovery, positively impacting the spirit of the organization to create the change required to go to the next level.

We help develop every employee’s leadership qualities by recognizing their strengths and giving them the opportunity to employ them. We integrate a very personal approach rather than a generalized and conceptualized one. This laser focus produces superior employee satisfaction and loyalty, lowers employee turnover and increases productivity.

It is when people are operating on their individual strengths and are recognized for this work that they gain tremendous satisfaction. The issues for business lie first in identifying those strengths and skills and then working to develop them.

The Academia of Human Potential doesn’t just train company members with new skills; we teach employees a more expansive mental model to apply those skills within.

"Managers undergoing training have shown an
increased productivity of 22.4%.

However, if provided with on-going coaching
following the training process,
their productivity increases by


What We Do…

Our transformational and experiential training programs help leaders and employees to understand and better themselves, transforming the corporation from the inside out. We identify unconscious beliefs and internal obstacles that bar potential. We ignite inspiration and intrinsic motivation. We foster corporate cultures based upon commitment, trust and shared purpose.

At Academia of Human Potential, we know exactly how to provide the training to begin the personal transformation and have a unique coaching program in place to immediately support your leaders and employees through continued transition and increased productivity.

Our training program is founded upon what we call the Formula for Outstanding Results. This is core to our philosophy and how we have differentiated ourselves from other trainers to help our clients achieve outstanding results.


Formula For Outstanding Results…

Our Formula for Outstanding Results is based upon a balance of four key components: Happiness, Passion, Purpose and Success. Our training integrates this formula to transform individuals through their passion and guide them to their purpose. This process ignites their happiness allowing creativity, energy and most importantly productivity to exude from their consciousness turning their performance into personal success and ultimately a success for the company.

Happiness Formula for outstanding results, outstanding results, happiness, passion, purpuse, success

Our philosophy therefore focuses upon employee strengths and potentials to create their happiness so that outstanding results are realized. Authentic relationships throughout the various levels of the organization are key to sustaining this formula.


Create Relationships Beyond Money!…

For this reason, our trainings are designed to empower employees and through that increase their levels of happiness. to begin the Formula for Outstanding Results life cycle.  We believe that this is a much more powerful way for employers to show that they care and in turn get authentic loyalty and performance that far outweighs results obtained by coercion or financial rewards.

This science of happiness is based on the findings
that happy people not only earn more money;
they perform at superior levels and consistently work
in an altruistic way rather than a self-serving one.
(Harvard Business Review)


Flowery mission statements that have no basis in their everyday reality are a waste of time.  Your company doesn’t need a manual to increase motivation and productivity: it needs passion and purpose! How much time is spent in your organization on developing relationships and collaborative environments for employees to thrive and progress in?


Requirements for Success…

Most employee education programs fail to take root because it’s coming from the top down, from the outside in, and abstract goals often don’t resonate with employees.  How-to’s are easy.  It’s the foundation that needs the real work, the core of the business and the hearts of each person involved.  An organization is only as healthy as its individual members.

Innovative approaches within our trainings require that every employee uncover their true personal values, their unique talents and through their work, find the medium to express their own mission in life.  Business should focus on employee self-discovery rather than forcing values or mission goals onto workers and that’s exactly what lies at the core of all our trainings.


The Virtuous Spiral…

Here at Academia of Human Potential we have herald a relationship-based business model as the new approach to HR development.  When an organization recognizes, respects and values its people and rewards them appropriately, the employees become committed to performing well.  This heightened performance then improves the organization overall and raises its ability to attract and retain talented workers.  The win-win nature of this process spirals every upward in a positive momentum.

The viral Siral. Attraction and Retention, hiring practices, training and development, work design, mission, reward system, leadershipWe advocate seven requirements that will ensure your company’s success through the Virtuous Spiral:

1.  Attraction and Retention:   A corporation’s proposition of value must make it the kind of workplace that people want to be at and want to stay with.

2.  Hiring Practices:  People should be hired based upon alignment of values and goals.

3.  Training and Development:  Training must be ongoing and employees must be given plenty of opportunity to develop and flourish.

4.  Work Design:  Work must be meaningful and be done in ways that provides employees with autonomy, responsibility and opportunities for feedback.

5.  Mission:  The mission, strategies and goals of a company must be those that employees can believe in, understand and support and the company must truly adhere to the espoused mission

6.  Reward Systems:  Reward systems must be designed to reinforce the core values of the company.

7.  Leadership:  In order to achieve success within the organization, Leaders should inspire trust, communicate effectively and understand how to motivate employees.