Academia of Human Potential’s Individual Coaching is for Individuals seeking personal transformation and life coaching, assistance.  Our coaches can help you with relationships, communication, empowerment, career paths, and more.

Individuals private coaching

Are you facing a challenge, ready for change or searching for a new way to live your life?  Are you interested in creating balance, better relationships, health and fitness or financial freedom?  Perhaps you’ve tried many methods of change and have felt the frustration of making short term changes and then ending up back where you started a couple of weeks or months down the road.  Our coach will assist you in the realization of what matters most to you.  By moving forward by widening your perspective to include more than what you have access to now, and working to embody the awareness and insights you gain, you acquire the ability to face your current challenges in a completely new way; a way that is sustainable over time.

Your Coach will also help you to correct your course as needed and generate the next steps in your personal growth and development.  Our primary objective is to help you to make the changes you want to make while empowering your to make future sustainable changes on your own.

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"The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions."

~ Leonardo Da Vinci