Leaders and Executives

Academia of Human Potential’s Leadership and Executive Coaching is for those individuals who are in the driver’s seat leading the direction of their respective organization.  This high-powered private coaching is presented under a strict and confidential arrangement to ensure that you are working in a safe and trusted environment.


Leaders and Executives private coaching

The accelerating change and pace of life is a reality in the 21st century.  We are bombarded with information by all the gadgets that hit the market at an ever-increasing rate.  We are overwhelmed and stressed by demands for our attention from all directions.  It is a mistake to think that as a business executive you should learn how to absorb and master this blistering and accelerating pace of change.  All it does is leave you dazed, overwhelmed and burnt out.

You will not succeed if you try to match the pace at which ‘reality’ is unfolding in its complexity.  But there is simplicity on the other side of all this complexity, and it starts with you.  The trick is to step back and have a larger perspective, look at all this rush from a bird’s eye view.  Where are we rushing?  Does it make sense?  No matter what complex situation you are in – from product launches to emerging markets and sustainable initiatives – you are, and always will be, in the middle of your experience and central to your success.  No matter where you go, you will take your ‘current way of being’ with you.

Whether you are in career transition, looking to make a greater professional contribution, facing professional challenges that are beyond your current scope of experience or looking to transform into the next level of leading, negotiating, communicating, or initiating, our coaching will help you to step beyond your current way of being into a new way that will greatly simplify the strategic complexity to terms on which your success is an inevitable by-product of your natural state.  By enhancing your awareness, sense of freedom, and self-understanding you will work with your coach to develop the exact skills you need at this current stage of your own development, that of your company, and even your industry.

If You Want To Transform Your Company Or Your Industry
It Starts With Transforming You.

Executive coaching will help you identify the what, how and why of your everyday interactions and work.  It will help you see how you affect the people around you.  Increasing emotional intelligence helps you as a leader to break away from negative habits and ways of interacting that worsen relations at work.  It will help you to empower yourself and your team to be the best you can be.  Self-awareness will keep you objective and well clear of overwhelm.  It will help you define self-identify and in its turn align your life to your work, strike the proper work/life balance and make work truly meaningful and satisfying.

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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"

~ Steve Jobs