Academia of Human Potential’s Trainings offer a revolutionary approach to businesses and organizations who are seeking to create and optimize change within the organization and more importantly, to breathe life back into the organization.  Click below to view our core trainings solutions for more information on how we can help you begin the transformation process.


Things do not change, we change


Our core training programs as highlighted above, along with our series of one-day workshops and motivational speeches, are centered upon the individuals of the organization and incorporates experiential learning  techniques from  various modalities to ensure the transformation process becomes grounded and remains sustainable long after they complete their training so through them it integrates positive change throughout the organization.  Our client’s success is built upon two key strategies that we instill within our trainings: 

The Corporate Training Pyramid and Vertical Transformation Process.


The Corporate Training Pyramid

Through our core training programs, our primary focus is upon the individuals and creating the transformation within them personally.  As seen here in our corporate training pyramid, most available corporate training programs teach conventional methods and focus on knowledge, skills and techniques leading again to horizontal stagnated growth. 


Corporate Training Pyramid, performance, knowledge, skills, technique, identity, mental models, self-concept, beliefs, values, capabilities.

At Academia of Human Potential our Corporate Training Pyramid focuses on the foundational keys to true transformation, including Identity, Mental Models, Self-Concept, Beliefs, Values and Capabilities.  By focusing on these key elements a strong foundation for personal growth is realized allowing individuals within the organization to grow vertically to the next level and realize real sustainable change and achievement personally.  This in turns has an enormous positive and transformative impact within the organization causing positive change within the company and breathing life back into the organization.


Vertical Transformation Process

Our philosophy at the Academy of Human Potential is to be a pioneer of Transformational Training and Coaching.  Our signature training process incorporates vertical transformation into all of our training programs as we described above in the structure of our Corporate Training Pyramid.  To better explain the Vertical Transformation Process the diagram below shows growth of human potential vertically rather than horizontally to help individuals grow or go to the next level of their potential and to challenge them to succeed.

Vertical transformation process. Transformation verticle development, transfer at same stage, temporary or permanent regression 

Most individual growth is of the horizontal expansion kind.  People learn new skills, new methods, new facts, even new ways of organizing knowledge, but their current action logic or mental model of the world remains the same.  At the Academia of Human Potential, on the other hand, we focus on evolving mental models from a horizontal stagnate position and take it up to the next level vertically rather than widen the base horizontally at the same level.  By taking it up vertically to the next level, each new level then is both a new whole logic with its own coherence, and at the same time also a part of the larger more complex meaning system.  The results?  Positive and transformative change in the organization resulting in individual’s being happier and more fully evolved within their work environment.


Bottom Line:
A Holistic Approach to Corporate Training
The True Formula For Success


Trainings Organizational Chart, Acedemia of human potential success chart

Academia of Human Potential differentiates themselves above the other corporate training programs by centering on foundational elements within the individual first that then positively creates change and transformation within the organization through a Holistic Approach to Corporate Training.  When individuals can transform personally it ignites strength and passion within them to work with their organization in a shared purpose and vision.  This process creates personal recognition for the individual, satisfaction and happiness leading to success both individually and more importantly for the organization.  

Organizations who have embraced Academia of Human Potential’s formula of the Corporate Training Pyramid, the Vertical Transformation Process and our Holistic Approach to Corporate Training have seen positive changes in their people, their working environment and their bottom line.

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Customized Training Solutions


Motivational Speeches

At Academia of Human Potential, we are often called upon to present to companies, organizations and associations to motivate and enlighten their respective members to achieving personal greatness through positive transformation.  We all need motivation, inspiration and support.  These are three of the basic needs of highly successful people.  Whether you are riding the wave of extraordinary success or are floundering to find your momentum.  Our motivational speeches can ignite your own internal process and experience to fuel an even greater fire inside yourself and within the organization.

Our focus is always personal transformation, personal power,
meaningful direction and impassioned thought and action. 

We are happy to customize our presentations to meet any specific topic or needs.

Our motivational speeches are always tailored to the specific audience we are presenting to,  however we are also more than happy to customize and create unique presentation to meet your specific needs. The possible topics that could be customized are based upon our core trainings: Transformational Leadership, Power of Authentic Communication, Advantages of Collaborative and Supportive Team Work, Emotional Intelligence 

To find out more about our motivational speeches or to inquire about a customized presentation, please contact us for more details.



Problem Targeted Mediation Trainings

"Re-establish broken communication, repair pivotal relationships, conflict and
change management and mediation with your team and organization.

There is no better way to resolve an internal conflict than to employ an independent highly trained professional to mediate, help you to overcome road-blocks and reinstate peace and mutual collaboration that is so essential in order to thrive in the competitive business environment.  Contact us today to find out how we can provide you with our neutral guidance to assist you in your business or on your project teams that may involve outside joint venture partners.