Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

Self-confident and assertiveness are two skills that are crucial for success in life. If you don’t feel worthy, and/or you don’t know how to express your self-worth when communicating with others, life can be very painful. This workshop will give participants an understanding of what assertiveness and self-confidence each mean (in general and to them personally) and how to develop those feelings in their day-to-day lives.

Assertiveness and Self Confidence
Course Outline:

Module One: Getting Started

  •     Icebreaker
  •     Ground rules
  •     The parking lot
  •     Workshop objectives
  •     Action plans and evaluation forms

Module Two: What Does Self-Confidence Mean To You?

  •     What is Assertiveness?
  •     What is Self-Confidence?
  •     The Four Styles

Module Three: Obstacles to Our Goals

  •     Types of Negative Thinking
  •     Case Study
  •     Personal Application

Module Four: Communication Skills

  •     Listening and Hearing: They Aren’t the Same Thing
  •     Asking Questions
  •     Body Language

Module Five: The Importance of Goal Setting

  •     Why Goal Setting is Important
  •     Setting SMART Goals
  •     Our Challenge to You

Module Six: Feeling the Part

  •     Identifying Your Worth
  •     Creating Positive Self-Talk
  •     Identifying and Addressing Strengths and Weaknesses

Module Seven: Looking the Part

  •     The Importance of Appearance
  •     The Role of Body Language
  •     First Impressions Count!

Module Eight:  Sounding the Part

  •     It’s How You Say It
  •     Sounding Confident
  •     Using "I" Messages

 Module Nine:  Powerful Presentations

  •     What to Do When You’re on the Spot
  •     Using STAR To Make Your Case

Module Ten: Coping Techniques

  •     Building Rapport
  •     Expressing Disagreement
  •     Coming to Consensus

Module Eleven: Dealing with Difficult Behavior

  •     Dealing with Difficult Situations
  •     Key Tactics

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

  •     Words from the Wise
  •     Review of Parking Lot
  •     Lessons Learned
  •     Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations