Creative Problem Solving

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where:

- You needed to solve a tough customer issue?
- You had to make a major purchase?
- You had to assign chores in the family?

We all solve problems of every size every day. This workshop will give participants some processes and tools to make their problem solving effective and creative, and to help them create win-win situations.


Creative Problem Solving Course Outline:
Module One: Getting Started
    Ground rules
    The parking lot
    Workshop objectives
    Action plans and evaluation forms
Module Two: The Problem-Solving Method
    Introduction to Six-Step Process
    Problem Definition
    Information Gathering
    Generating Possible Solutions
    Analyzing the Solutions
    Selecting the Best Solution(s)
    Planning the Next Course Of Action (Next Steps)
Module Three: Problem Definition
    Identifying the Problem
    PAG vs. PAU
    Determining the Scope
    Writing the Problem Statement
Module Four: Information Gathering
    Understanding Types of Information
    Identifying Key Questions
    Developing Criteria
Module Five: Brainstorming Basics
    Creating a Creative Space
    Setting the Ground Rules
    Generating Ideas
Module Six: Generating Solutions, Part One
    Logistical Solutions
    Using Affinity Diagrams
Module Seven: Generating Solutions, Part Two
    Using the Box Method
    Using the Six Thinking Hats
    Using the Blink Method
Module Eight: Evaluating Solutions
    Developing Criteria
    Using Cost/Benefit Analysis
    Group Voting
Module Nine: Selecting a Solution
    Doing a Final Analysis
    Facts vs. Intuition
    Refining and Re-Refining the Shortlist
Module Ten: Planning Your Next Steps
    Identifying Tasks
    Identifying Resources
    Evaluating and Adapting
Module Eleven: Recording Lessons Learned
    Planning the Follow-Up Meeting
    Celebrating Successes
    Identifying Improvements
Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
    Words from the Wise
    Review of Parking Lot
    Lessons Learned
    Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations