Workplace Diversity

With the world becoming more mobile and diverse, diversity has taken on a new importance in the workplace.

The Workshop Diversity workshop will help participants understand what diversity is all about, and how they can help create a more diverse world at work and at home.

Workplace Diversity Course Outline:

Module One: Getting Started

    * Icebreaker
    * Ground rules
    * The Parking Lot
    * Workshop Objectives
    * Action plans and evaluation forms

Module Two: Understanding Diversity

    * What is Diversity?
    * Related Terms and Concepts
    * A Brief History
    * A Legal Overview

Module Three: Understanding Stereotypes

    * Stereotypes vs. Biases
    * Identifying Your Baggage
    * Understanding What This Means

Module Four: Breaking Down the Barriers

    * Changing Your Personal Approach
    * Encouraging Workplace Changes
    * Encouraging Social Changes

Module Five: Verbal Communication Skills

    * Listening and Hearing: They Aren’t the Same Thing
    * Asking Questions
    * Communicating with Power

Module Six: Non-Verbal Communication Skills

    * Body Language
    * The Signals You Send to Others
    * It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Module Seven: Being Proactive

    * Encouraging Diversity in the Workplace
    * Preventing Discrimination
    * Ways to Discourage Discrimination

Module Eight: Coping with Discrimination

    * Identifying if You Have Been Discriminated Against
    * Methods of Reprisal
    * Choosing a Course of Action

Module Nine: Dealing with Diversity Complaints as a Person

    * What To Do If You’re Involved In A Complaint
    * Understanding Your Role
    * Creating a Support System

Module Ten: Dealing with Diversity Complaints as a Manager

    * Recording the Complaint
    * Identifying Appropriate Actions
    * Choosing a Path

Module Eleven: Dealing with Diversity Complaints as an Organization

    * Receiving a Complaint
    * Choosing a Response
    * Learning from the Complaint

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

    * Words from the Wise
    * Review of Parking Lot
    * Lessons Learned
    * Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations