Selling and Persuasion Training

The Real Psychology of Salespeople and Customers

Academia of Human Potential’s Selling and Persuasion Training offers companyies and organizations a unique spin to training in sales through what we define as "The Real Psychology of Salespeople and Customers"

Are You A Top Salesperson?
Do You Want To Get Even Better?

Silly question, isn’t it?  Of course, you want to improve; that’s why you’re always at the top of your game!  Well, here’s a great way of accelerating sales and income even further – The Real Psychology of Salespeople and Customers seminar.

Selling and Persuasion Training

What makes this one-day seminar so powerful is the fact that it drills down to the real motivations of customers for buying and the motivations of salespeople for selling and, most importantly, shows how to match the two. 

But, it gets even better.  Every seminar attendee will also be a top sales performer!  You’ll be sharing and learning with your peers – the very best around.

Make no mistake about it – the Real Psychology of Salespeople and Customers is not about theory.  It’s about hard facts and proven approaches to the sales game.  It’s also about facing and overcoming the irrational fears that sometimes hold you back from the success you deserve.  The seminar includes written individual, paired and group activities, and concrete action plans.

Seminar Topics:

  • The Real Psychology of Salespeople and Customers
  • How to Become a Better Superstar
  • The Rational and Irrational Fears of Salespeople
  • The Real Psychology of Customers
  • The Customer Buying Process Sales System
  • The Consultative Sales System
  • Are You the Right Salesperson for Your Client?
  • Social Media Sales and Marketing Success.


  Seminar Objectives

   In this seminar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Explain the psychological motivations of salespeople.
  • Identify the factors that separate "superstar" salespeople from low performers.
  • Define and explain the impact of rational and irrational fears upon salespeople.
  • Learn and apply specific guidelines for reducing irrational sales fears.
  • Learn and apply a specific technique for analyzing work activities for reducing stress and improving productivity.
  • Define and explain the psychology of customers.
  • Understand and apply the "customer buying process" method of selling (and the psychological underpinnings).
  • Understand and apply the "consultative method" of selling.
  • Analyze their personal style and decide if it matches their particular clients.
  • Explain their techniques for adapting to a rapidly changing market.
  • Understand the use of social media in terms of establishing client relationships
  • Complete an action plan for implementing all the knowledge contained in the seminar.


Selling Isn’t Just About Customer Relationships!

Surprised to hear that?  Well, it’s also about your relationship with yourself as a salesperson.  That is, if you don’t understand your own motivations, you won’t achieve the level of success you deserve!

This powerful seminar takes you into a deep understanding of the psychological barriers and fears every salesperson faces, so those hurdles can be overcome.  It provides proven sales methods with the sound understanding of self.  The result – you become free of anything that’s in the way and move ahead of the rest of the competitive sales pack.