Synergistic Team Training

The Empowerment Series

At Academia of Human Potential, Synergistic Team Training is centered upon The Empowerment Series, our revolutionary approach to team building and team bonding in which participants become more enlivened, empowered and enthusiastic for not only their work, but for themselves and other significant parts of their lives.  Based upon the concepts of personal empowerment, authenticity and synergy, this seminar leads its participants through a day of experiential and didactic learning to mobilize energy for exploration and discovery of their own personal strengths, their contributions to their work team and those of their teammates.

Synergistic Team Training a revolutionary approch to team building

Utilizing powerful techniques to increase self-awareness, participants take part in activities across a range of modalities that have proven to challenge the status quo of problem-solving, interaction, communication and the everyday approach to the work environment and its relationships.  Through experiential learning, a greater appreciation and empathy for others is heightened as well as a greater understanding of how others view talents, personal characteristics and roles of one’s self in the work team.  These activities lead to boosted morale, more effective communication, a sense of working together, increased support and overall cohesiveness in the work team.

Using a strengths-based approach, The Empowerment Series helps participants focus upon their own authenticity– who they truly are– in order to reduce burnout, reduce fragmentation in daily living and at work, empower themselves to be more spontaneous, more present and more effective in their work routines.  With an overall emphasis upon living more fully vs. living partially, this seminar presents many opportunities to address the obstacles to a full and enlivened work experience.  Activities inspire a refreshed perspective and acceptance of new tactics to overcome depletion and burnout.

The Empowerment Series looks to the root causes of burnout, on-the-job isolation, energy depletion, conflict, resentment, boredom, team splitting, procrastination and under-achievement in a solution-focused and proactive approach.  Most currently offered seminar teach ‘recipes’, ‘to do’, ‘to know’ in order to deal with such work issues, they rarely integrate deep enough to make a significant impact or lasting change as most of them are presented on the cognitive, intellectual level.

The Empowerment Series introduces its participants to experiential learning and cutting-edge transformation techniques which is much more powerful and lasting way to integrate such concepts.  We guide perception, felling, sensation and other building blocks of creativity to examine one’s own sense of personal power, one’s needs for a more impassioned approach to work and a greater overall sense of well-being, positive expectancy and hopefulness in one’s daily experience.

The series emphasizes personal responsibility as an element of control and mastery over one’s daily experience and looks to the optimistic view of self, others, the work mission and the work process as fortifying the synergy of work teams, the strengths of teammates and the willingness to provide support to every member of the work team so that productivity is accelerated and the work environment becomes a more energized and positive place in which to be, interact, produce and gain personal satisfaction.

In addressing relationships in the work team, participants are guided through experiential exercises that highlight:

  • Empathy
  • Effective communication
  • Cooperation
  • Awareness of self and one’s own behaviors
  • And the impact of thinking patterns and mood states upon these. 

Participants are encouraged through the design of this seminar to let go of usual ‘analytical’ understanding of concepts and to engage in activities that enlighten through doing.

Overall, the Empowerment Series provides a transformational day for work teams and their individual participants and offers a unique experience through which doing and being are encouraged.  Based upon the concept of experiential learning as the most powerful and transformative type of learning, this seminar offers an immersion in self-awareness and awareness of others that enervates, energizes and enlivens the bonds with the work team.  Participants will not walk away from this experience with a handful of ‘recipes’ for success that will be easily discarded in the distractions of the work routine.  Rather, participants will build memories based upon the experience, sensations, perceptions and creativity that redirect them naturally and profoundly to personal and team success.  Experience is the most valuable of all teachers.

The Empowerment Series provides experiences that promise change in each and every participant in a positive, lasting and authentically powerful way. The audience is guided through structured and experiential learning activities intended to:

  • Increase Personal Awareness
  • Awareness of Interactions and Relationships
  • A Greater Understanding of Empathy
  • Support of One’s Own Talents, Strengths and Contributions As Well as Those of Co-workers. 

These are done in various modalities to bolster learning potential and to address issues holistically while circumventing the usual frameworks and perspectives of other seminars offered in this field.

The Empowerment Series honors each participant as an inherently creative and vibrant individual.  It acknowledges that each, when given the proper support and environment in which to work, will become more efficient, more effective, more invested in their work mission and work team and will find greater job satisfaction and personal fulfillment at work.  Activities that cultivate self-awareness and appreciation of teammates as unique, talented and necessary help work teams engage in this inspirational, challenging and deeply transformational work.  Teams emerge refreshed, energized, re-committed  more open to one another and grateful for their associates.