Transformative Leadership Training

Academia of Human Potential’s Transformative Leadership Training is the central focus of our core training programs and features our signature training The Hero’s Quest. 

The Hero’s Quest

The Hero’s Quest is a revolutionary leadership growing and development seminar offered as an alternative to the usual experience is such training. Typically, participants in leadership trainings have focused upon more intellectual material which does not move them beyond understanding concepts and theory into a transformational experience.  The Hero’s Quest provides information, but matches this with incremental experimental learning throughout the 2 day presentation and experience. The result is a deep integration of concepts beyond intellectual understanding. This program is designed to transform leadership self-concept through directly addressing and challenging the participant’s current status and related beliefs, attitudes, perception and self-awareness.  Consequently, as the seminar unfolds so does the leader’s now self-concept that will provide a foundation and sustenance for continued growth and development as a leader of excellence.

Grounded in the symbolism of the Hero and the Quest, participants gain a sense of personal power from which to lead others to their own excellence. This is a strengths-based dynamic that enhances self- awareness and the leadership master skills and competency of the creative connectiveness– a powerful over- arching skill that potentiates all other skills and competencies vital to leadership excellence. Encouraging and activating creativity, The Hero’s Quest cultivates self- awareness and full self- acceptance in order to ignite leadership courage.

Transfermation Leadership, innovative and experiential training taking you on the heros quest

The Hero’s Quest explores the concept of leadership through a masterful synthesis of universal leadership qualities and characteristics drawn from historical and contemporary sources found around the world and transculturally. Rooted in the wisdom of a global and historical perspective, this seminar elevated the leader’s quest for excellence to that of the common man self- actualized to do the uncommon. Actualization of leadership potential through choice, discipline, commitment, effective relationships, creativity, self- awareness, interpersonal mastery and sustainability is the backdrop against which this seminar leads its participants through an evolution of self- concept. The Hero’s Quest confirms what we have long known about leadership achievement and leadership self- actualization" that it is within the leader where such success or failures reside and that attending to the consciousness of an aspiring leader who seeks excellence is the road to achieving that excellence.

The Hero’s Quest utilizes an exciting array of expressive modalities designed to inspire, challenge and motivate its participants discreetly and comfortably. While participants are guided through exercises designed to facilitate intensive introspection and identification of personal obstacles and challenges that affect their performance, these exercise respect personal and professional boundaries. Interactional experiences are structured and easily completed but build upon the private self- reflection and analysis of skill and competency deficits done in individual writing exercises throughout the seminar. As a result, participants enjoy a deeply reflective personal experience that addresses their private thoughts, self- concepts and needs while their privacy is assured and respected. Alongside this personal scrutiny, there are opportunities to work toward skill and competency mastery with colleagues in often light-hearted and enjoyable interactions that demonstrate various principles and facilitate integration of learning to an effective and lasting depth.

This seminar utilizes information gleaned from multiple sources including diverse fields such as neuroscience, mythology, the arts, psychotherapeutic techniques, information processing and a synthesis of the latest and best practices in leadership development. The concepts drawn from a multitude of disciplines converge in The Hero’s Quest to illuminate leadership principles through the philosophies of human potential and transformational theory. Participants emerge from this 2 day seminar refreshed, inspired, energized and motivated to pursue their own unique leadership excellence.

Participants will enjoy this unique perspective as they experience a fresh, engaging and stimulating approach to the art and science of leadership which incorporated applicable wisdom from these diverse sources, The Hero’s Quest revisits the basic and universal building blocks of leadership excellence through the achievements of other disciplines so that participants come to incorporate such investigations into their own private experiences and interests as a portable "training ground" for career development and actualization. An emphasis upon reducing the fragmentation of experience between how one lives privately and how one functions in leadership helps participants toward a great self- acceptance and the synergistic effects of becoming the leader that only each unique individual can become. The result is dramatically reduced burn-out, greater interpersonal effectiveness, greater job satisfaction, increased vibrancy and passion and an accelerated level of creative awareness and creative thinking.

Those who attend this seminar will create a leadership growth and development plan derived from this cutting edge discussion and experience of the pertinent realms of skill and competency essential to leadership mastery. This plan will unfold naturally and specifically as the facilitator guides participants through each segment of the seminar. Participants are provided a carefully constructed manual in which to work throughout the 2 day even in order to explore, integrate and plan. Their written work serves two essential purposes: to deepen the private understanding of one’s own leadership challenges and to break through them and to create an easily referenced record of one’s personal process throughout this seminar.